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5 Gift Ideas For Interior Enthusiasts

Christmas is always such a magical time of year for everyone that celebrates it. In this post, I've put together a list of gift ideas for your enthusiastic interior friends and family.


1. Lamp shades by Alice Palmer

These unique lampshades add a pop of colour to any space, and they're so fun to look at. Alice Palmer offer two different style of lampshade; the box pleat and the scrunchie. My personal favourite is the box pleat, I don't see these in shops too often, and I love how smart yet playful they look. Alice Palmer also do a wonderful range of cushions, bed valances and other home ware that's definitely worth checking out.


2. Coffee Table Books

You can't go wrong with coffee table books, they're a relatively fair priced gift, and if it's for your interior design fanatic friend or family member, they're going to love a coffee table book by one of their favourite designers. My choices are A House In Maine by Nina Campbell, A House That Made History by MK Pritzker, and The Evolution Of Home by Sims-Hilditch. There's a common theme that runs with all the books that I've just listed, and that is that they're all published by Rizzoli. I think Rizzoli produce some stunning books that are high quality and visually pleasing. They have plenty more recommendations for interiors books on their website.


3. Wicker Baskets

Rattan baskets are an amazing way to bring natural elements into your home. Our hand woven baskets are made from Kubu rattan, an immensely strong fibre native to Indonesia which is an attractive grey-brown colour. The strength of the fibres in wicker baskets mean they are of high quality, making them the perfect giftable item.


4. Charcuterie Boards

Cheese boards make exquisite gifts, the boards above are from our shop and are made from European oak. When choosing a cheese board as a gift, make sure you're looking for boards that are finished in a food safe treatment, so that they can be used for both display and functional purposes.


5. Vintage Pottery

One of my most recent obsessions has been Olive Ateliers, a popular LA based brand that sources and sells 'objects with old souls'. These vintage, Mediterranean style pots, vases, vessels and amphoras have been on my wish list for a while, and I'm so bumbed that they only offer nationwide shipping. While browsing Etsy, I was fortunate to come across Chara Home Accessories. Chara is a small, Turkish business that sells beautiful, one of a kind potteries from the 70s similar to what you can find at Olive Ateliers. Best of all? - they ship to the UK!. The second and third image above is taken from their online shop. These items are on the pricier side of Christmas gifts, so I'd maybe save these for close family and friends, but they're so lovely that I'm sure when gifted, the recipient will cherish one of these vintage pieces forever.

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